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Oren’s Carpet Cleaning

Fast and Safe Mattress Cleaning in Peckham

We use advanced dry sanitising methods to undertake your mattress cleaning in Peckham. This ensures the removal of dust mites, dead skin flakes, bacteria, and allergens. Keep your mattresses and pillows free from bed bugs and mites by using our mattress cleaning service – it’s fast, safe, and non-toxic. If you’ve got a bed pest problem, we can solve it!

Meet Specialist Mattress Cleaners in Peckham

Your mattress cleaners in Peckham will drive branded vehicles, wear uniforms, and carry ID. All the necessary equipment will be bought to your door – this includes a portable machine which performs the dry mattress sanitising procedure. The set -up is fast, and the application only takes about 15 minutes! The machine uses a high intensity ultraviolet light that kills, spores, mites, and bacteria, and the extreme suction shakes and sucks away all of the dust and debris. This method has proven to be non-invasive and completely safe.

Mattress Cleaning – Oren’s Carpet Cleaning Has the Professionals!

There are so many benefits of hiring a mattress cleaning expert from Oren’s Carpet Cleaning – just a sample of these are listed below:

  • Highly trained professionals: all technicians are vetted, qualified, and certified in the use of dry sanitising machines
  • A safe cleaning procedure: suitable for all types of mattress, with no toxins and no bleaching agents
  • No moisture: this dry chemical-free process doesn’t need any drying time
  • 72 hour protection: residual effects continue to destroy allergens
  • A comprehensive service: also appropriate for hotels, hostels, and hospitals wherever there’s a bed!

Schedule Your Mattress Cleaning Appointment in Peckham Today

You can quickly and easily arrange a booking slot for mattress cleaning in Peckham by calling 020 7846 0627 at any time. Our trained advisers are waiting to help and advise you 24/7. If you prefer not to call, why not pop your details into our contact us form and we’ll get back to you?